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Quick and Easy Organization Tips to Get Your Home in Order for 2021

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Reminder Organization can help reduce stress long term, acrylic storage bin photo retrieved from the container store website

It’s January of a new year! Let’s all take a moment and take a deep breath in and a deep breath out for having made it through that whirl wind of a year we will all remember as 2020. Last year brought many challenges for all of us, and I think its important to acknowledge those challenges, take the wisdom we gained, and trudge forward into this year of 2021. With our heads held high and our hearts full!

One thing 2020 did do was push us to evaluate the relationship with the place we call home. We were forced to spend more time in the confines of the structure that has always provided us a safe place to escape the chaos of the world. Those walls hold memories, laughs, heartache, and much more. With the sturdy refuge our home has provided us, this new year one of the best things we can do it honor it is to organize it!

A study done by the American Psychology Association found that 3 out of 5 Americans, or 60%, say that the number of issues America is currently facing, are overwhelming to them thus increasing their feelings of stress. Your home should not add to these issues!

But instead, be a breath of fresh air amongst the smog. A great way to create less stress at home is implementing organization. Though daunting it may seem, with the organization tips below, that we have gathered from professionals, you too can have one of those Pinterest worthy pantries!



One of the best organization tips we found was to simply, start in one place. Organization projects can often appear discouraging and intimidating. In fact, most organization projects do not even get started because they seem unapproachable. But if 2020 proved anything, I think it showed just how resilient we can be!

Instead of looking at that kitchen counter, pantry, or the dreaded guest room closet (assuming yours is like mine and has become the Monica’s secret closet of the house) and walking away, pick one place and JUST START. Sometimes starting is half the battle!

Decide what your priorities are

Are you choosing the space that guests encounter the most, or the space that seems to be the most challenging?

(For a quick motivation, start with a small but easy to tackle project. The quick reward felt from accomplishing this small project will help push you to continue into other more challenging ones!)

Once you pick your starting point; “clean house” using the “If I Haven’t Used/Worn This in Two Years rule and throw out all the junk that has been taking up space for other more productive items.



Visibility, Accessibility, and Flexibility

After choosing your space, it can sometimes be hard to decide what actions to take to actually start. Use the 3 rules of organization as a guide to help steer your thinking and get the ball rolling!

clear acrylic storage solutions from the container store, photo retrieved from the container store website


Label containers clearly to help quickly identify contents and save time, or if you aren’t into labeling (and want to save EVEN more time and money) get clear bins, like these from the container store.


make most used items easily accessible. For example, place most used items on lower shelves and items that get used less frequently on higher shelves or in another area.


use storage systems and containers that will adapt with your ever-changing organization needs. Using multi use items as storage can help save both time and money on future projects.

Use woven baskets or things like our beaded metal And wood Trays to for like items. Using items like these allow for a myriad of décor and organizing options, without wasting money on specific bins you would only use for one space.



Left & Right Brain Thinkers

Implement organization techniques that work WITH, not against your way of thinking. We are a mixture of both right and left brain functions. But some of our thinking stems more from one side or the other.

Left brained thinkers seem to focus more on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy, while right brained thinkers seem more concerned with aesthetics, feelings, and being creative.

Right brain thinkers do better when all their “stuff” is in view and reach. while left brainers seem to do better with their stuff labeled, stacked, sorted, color-coded and put away in its own logical place.

Left brain thinker tips-

Left brainers tend to find it easier to implement organization using labeling and a structured like system. Basically, having a specific place for everything and having it in that place.

Create a logical “home” for items, especially those most used. Use items like; labelers, desk and drawer trays, and color coded systems; for things like books. Use baskets to discreetly store items and add style to your space.

Right brain thinker tips-

Right brainers tend to be more visually engaged with their surroundings and look at the “big picture” and less at the details. Organize your space with the “big picture” all-in-one view.

Use open trays to toss things in for a quick tidy up!

boho home wall decor wooden and metall engraved wall hook plaque rustic boho style

Or wall hooks to hang items, giving things a storing home while still displayed in an open view.

You could use a shelf to display all items at once, or meat packing paper roll to openly display to-do lists, reminders, and messages!

Storing like items together is also beneficial for right brained thinkers.



Metal and wooden tray rustic boho home decor items

Trays have made a defining presence within the décor world here recently, and home director Stephanie Sisco, of Real Simple, came up with a strategy to utilize them in a way that not only adds style to a space but also helps with organization.

Invest in a tray (or multiple trays) that are strategically sized to fit your space and the type of clutter that makes it way into it.

For example, if condiments are your usual contenders get a turnable large enough to stash the most used ones in arms reach, or if unopened mail is your culprit get a cute shallow tray to contain it until you open it. No items have been thrown away, but yet your space instantly looks and feels tidier!

Once the tray is full you know it's then time to tackle that mail or move the items accumulated.

Instead of stressing over always keeping your space clean, use a tray to make your space look tidy without the work of daily organization.


Just start, use the 3 rules, pick a strategy that aligns with your personality and throw in a tray!

Though just a few of the many, these tips are tried and true to help you tackle your next daunting organization project, and help you take back your home from the clutter and destruction 2020 (or messy husbands, active children, and spoiled dogs) may have brought you.

If you found these tips and tricks as helpful as we did, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more home décor tips and advice!



American Psychological Association (2020) 2020 Stress In America Survey. Retrieved from

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