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8 Cheap and Easy Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas

Cheap and Easy Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas To make your at-home Valentines day Special

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that incites a spectrum of emotions in people. Some are happy to have a day dedicated to the love they have found in their partner and those around them, while others loathed the day entirely throwing “anti-Valentine’s Day” parties. Whichever side of the Valentine’s Day spectrum you may find yourself on, decorating for the day does not have to be tedious and expensive.

Decorating for holidays, both big and small, is not only festive but can positively impact your mental and emotional health. Displaying home décor and decorations themed with the upcoming holiday can help alleviate stress, stimulate social connection, and provide positive anticipation, which has even more mental and emotional health benefits. Building positive anticipation in our lives helps increase optimism and motivation, two of life’s most impactful driving forces.

We gathered some cheap and easy Valentine’s Day décor ideas that you can use to decorate your home with this year, without breaking the bank or causing unneeded stress!


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Valentine’s Day Themed Blankets, Throws, and Pillows

This tip probably requires the least amount of effort. One way we interact and perceive our surrounding environment is through sight and touch. Incorporate Valentine’s Day themed blankets and pillows into high traffic areas to elevate the holiday theme without having to hang or move around other existing home décor. You can do themed holiday pillows and throws like this heart shaped blanket at target (only $10 by the way!) or incorporate pillows that correlate with the typical Valentine’s Day color scheme, choosing shades of pink, and red.


Themed Garland as Décor

Heart Garland | DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas, wooden hearts and twine
Heart Garland | DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas

Garland is an item we have been seeing used as a décor more often in spaces. The upside of this is that garland is usually inexpensive, and also makes for a great cheap and easy Valentine’s Day DIY project. Etsy has a ton of cute DIY Valentines day garlands and templates that you can use with a Cricut and make at home. The Circuit website not only has great deals on products but also has a Projects tab with a ton of ideas and inspiration. Head to the Cricut website here and see if you can find a new project to tackle! Snows Shack also has this rustic heart shaped bell garland that could be used for Valentine’s Day décor and then left up year-round, making them a versatile option for decorating.


Utilize a Wreath For A Cheap

Valentines Day Home Décor Option

Wreaths are always an easy decorating item to swap in and out. Making them a stress free option when it comes to seasonal home decorating. They come in an array of shapes, sizes, and themes; so you are guaranteed to find one that works best with your Valentines Day décor vision.

Having trouble finding a wreath that is just right? Or have the itch to craft and want to save money? Wreaths also make for a great DIY home décor project. One of our favorites is this Heart Shaped Fabric Wreath from Polkadot Chair. You take strips of fabric, wrap them around the bended and shaped foam, and tie them until you have covered it. The result is a cute Valentines Day DIY décor project that adds both festivity and texture to any space.


Incorporate Children's crafts or DIY Decor Projects

Holidays big or small create opportunities for fun diy projects to do with family or solo! Scroll through Pinterest and pin a couple of cute crafts to do with your kids or save a couple for you to do on your own. These projects provide opportunities to make lasting memories and create Valentines Day décor and decorations that you can look at and be proud of! Display the kids crafts or school paintings on DIY garland or a string, hanging them with small wooden clothes pins. We found a ton of affordable craft supplies at Dollar Tree, check here before heading to bigger stores to help make craft time less expensive!


Swap Photos In Picture Frames With Valentine’s Day Printable Decor

Another easy way to incorporate Valentines Day decor into your home is by swapping out photos in frames with Valentines Day printable décor and art. There are a TON of cute designs and options to choose from on Etsy. With access to over a million small businesses and shops, we are sure you will find an Etsy store that has a themed Valentine’s Day printable meeting your decorating goals. You can print them right from the comfort of your own home. Etsy has everything ranging from Valentines Day garland to themed art, graphics, or word quotes. Switching out photos with printable décor is a cost effective option not only for Valentines Day but for all seasonal and holiday decorating needs.


Swap Out Children’s Books

Little Blue Truck Series Books | Little Blue Truck's Valentine, Little Blue Truck's Springtime, Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, Goodnight Little Blue Truck
Little Blue Truck Series Books | Seasonal Books

This is a great idea for those of us with kiddos. Displaying children’s books creatively has become a décor must have in many nurseries, playrooms, and kid and toddler rooms alike. One of our favorite ways to do this is by getting floating shelves and filling them with our children’s favorite books, that they always reach for throughout the day or before bedtime. A fun thing we like to do is swap out the books seasonally and or in theme with the upcoming holiday. This helps keep the books exciting and fresh, as well as making reading more appealing. One of our favorite Valentines Day books we like to pull out is Little Blue Trucks Valentine’s Day. This board book with its captivating illustrations and cheery storyline make for a great read throughout the month of February or year round! Be sure to check out other books we love from The Little Blue truck series here at Target!


Valentines Day DIY Kissy Balloons

White Kissy Balloons | DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas
White Kissy Balloons | DIY Valentines Day Decor Ideas

We stumbled upon the perfect DIY for a date night at home or party this upcoming Vday. We found these Valentines Day DIY kissy balloons, from StudioDIY, to be one of the most frugal and adorable DIY projects. You get large white balloons, red lipstick, and kiss away! This shows that cute, themed decorating does not have to be pricey. Grab 3 or more, and tie a balloon weight or box of chocolates to the end and place in corners around the room. Or fill the balloons with helium and let them fill the ceiling to make an ordinary Valentines Day at home feel a little more festive and cheerful! We snagged these white latex balloons from Dollar Tree and grabbed a cheap red lipstick from our local Walgreens.


Fill Lanterns with Valentine’s Day Themed Décor/Items

Lanterns have become a staple home décor item, with options and styles fitting virtually any space. They make a great seasonal décor item that is both functionable and versatile, allowing for them to be used for not only seasonal décor but year round interior design projects.

Fill lanterns with Valentine’s Day themed items such as heart shaped candy or wool hearts like these from Etsy. Or coordinate with a Valentines Day themed color scheme and gather smaller objects, varying in shades of pink and red, from around your home and use them as a filling. Be sure to check your local Dollar Tree, as they often have the perfect little seasonal and themed treasures to use for projects like this. To illuminate the sense of nostalgia, you can also use past Valentine’s Day cards a filler and be reminded of former Vday memories.

Need some help or inspiration in styling a lantern? Read our blog post that covers a few tips that really helped guide our lantern decorating!


Having something to look forward to and be excited about positively affects our overall mental and emotional health. It provides a breath of fresh air among the chaos that can encompass life. After the past year of 2020 I think its safe to say we could all use something to look forward to and get excited about. Using these cheap, easy, and DIY Valentine’s Day décor ideas choose to decorate this year and bring a little fresh air back into your home!

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