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Functional Home Office Decor Check List

Home Office Checklist

1. Tray

Home offices have taken on a much bigger role in our lives within the last year and a half. Long gone are the days where they were used for children to play computer games when dad or mom wasn't home. They are now full functioning work rooms that help us bring sustain a financial life for ourselves and families. Therefore taking the time to make this space as functional and welcoming as possible is of top priority. And just like your cubicle back in the office, your home office should be a space that echoes your personality and brings comfort and joy to the otherwise stressful and mundane work tasks that must be tackled that day. We compiled a quick list of some of our favorite and most functional home office decor items that we felt brought us joy when we found ourselves spending hours on end in this space. We hope that with the help of these few tips you can create an office space that not only best supports you and your families needs, be it work or family related, but that also becomes a space you enjoy going into instead of one that you dread.

• Use trays and baskets to organize like items or house loose objects to help keep a clean and structured work space.

• Use shelving to keep most used items within reach and sight. Having these easy to grab can help decrease wasted time and increase productivity.

• Choose wall art that is just as much motivating as it is calming. Our walls are a huge aspect of the energy in which a room creates. Choose wisely.

Go for pieces that help keep a room steady yet comfortable. This will help reduce stress while still keeping a rooms energy driven.

• Being in the presence of plants has well known benefits for both productivity and reducing stress. Weather real or faux, incorporate some plants to help create a calming atmosphere for whenever work (or life) gets too tense.

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