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Patio Living Perk Up

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

There's no reason to stay indoors during the gorgeous months of Spring and Summer! By utilizing your outdoor space with little touches here and there you can be comfortable all the way through the Fall. Utilize this space for dining, entertaining, or relaxation. In Today's times, we can even take your workspace outdoors.

Let's go a little tropical! You can literally start from the floor up by adding a bright colorful rug. Then add in some colorful pillows, throws, poufs or floor pillows that tie in the nature and outdoors with the comfort of indoor touches. Bringing in accent pieces such as unique lanterns, some with lighting and some with textured succulents or boxwood spheres inserted inside a lantern can elevate natural tones. Add personality with pattern! You can reflect your home's decor, or this can be a chance to try something completely different!

Try adding a hanging chair to help with space. It adds movement and comfort at the same time. Don't forget to add some side tables for drinks and entertaining.

Colorful trays, or charcuterie boards for snacking! Trays and caddy's make carrying food and table settings easier and saves the number of trips in and out of the house. Also, use colorful trays to add small pots with succulents or dried botanicals, or unique candle holder. This adds layers and texture to you outdoor living space!

Don't forget to mix in plants like lemongrass, sage, mint, etc. They have a slight fragrance but also deter bugs! By adding a variety of pots and pulling out colors in your focal point on the patio will add more layers and texture. Try a variety of terracotta pots. They come in all styles, sizes and designs. Faux succulents add the nature to your space that are low maintenance at the same time!

Whatever you do, the goal is to make that tired patio terrific for you and your guest. Shop our line of trays, charcuterie boards, tropical and dried botanicals, and much more to perk up that patio! @snowsshack

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