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  • Hand-Woven Stone & Sea Baskets SET OF 3
  • Hand-Woven Stone & Sea Baskets SET OF 3
SKU: DF0462

Hand-Woven Stone & Sea Baskets SET OF 3


When In Doubt Add a Basket!

Baskets are one of the most functional home decor accessories. They can be dressed down or up to fit in with any style. And almost any style or space can always benefit from the presence of a basket. Use them to declutter your space and maximize your organization. Or make them more of a supporting element to already exisiting decor accents and accessories.  The hand woven natural seagrass helps add texture and can make a space more interesting and less dull, adding both character and function to your home decor vision. 




10.25in" Length 

14in" Width



8.25in" Length

12.25in" Width

3.5in" Height


6.75in" Length 

9.5in" Width

 2.75" Height 

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