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  • Porcelain Creamer Vase - Reactive Glaze
SKU: DF2728

Porcelain Creamer Vase - Reactive Glaze


This Porcelain Creamer Vase in Reactive Galze is sure to elevate your afternoon coffee breaks. The alluring colors or natural sand with the subtle hints of lavender purple and light blue mimic earthy colors that will entice you and guests to truely relax and enjoy each others company and a warm cup of coffee or tea. 


Use this as a multi purpose item and house it on an open shelf as decor, keeping it in reach for quick use. Or use it as a home decor accent to help add the finishing touches to your already designed space. 


3.5in" Round

3.25in" Height

Holds 8 oz.


Each One Will Vary in color.

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