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  • Potted Lavendar 9"
  • Potted Lavendar 9"
  • Potted Lavendar 9"
SKU: 4060811

Potted Lavendar 9"


Faux Potted Lavendar 

The Back Porch Collection



Low maintenance home decor is our favorite home decor. Faux plants are a home decor must for those with a busy lifestyle. You can still create that soothing, calming, inviting athmospehre that the addition of real plants bring to a space, without all the added effort of tending to and caring for them. Lavender is naturally associated with calm relaxinf vibes, so why not take it a step further and incorporate these faux lavender plants and eliminate the extra stress entirely!


Metal buckets and other accessories sold separately.

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