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  • Two-Toned Potted Mixed Succulent
  • Two-Toned Potted Mixed Succulent
SKU: CYF1366

Two-Toned Potted Mixed Succulent


Succulents have become a home decor staple within the last decade. We are seeing them more and more within decor and styling. And for good reason. Succulents add a touch of color and emulate a laid back yet intriguing style that is both refreshing and attainable.


This Two-Toned Potted Mixed Succulent grabs your attention with the bright colors of stark greens, moody purples and rustic pinks. The unique detailing on the cermaic pot adds a creative touch allowing this piece to be small but mighty. Leaving a stylish impact wherever it is placed. Pair it with our Potted Dusty Rose Mixed Succulent, stacking one on top of books to create a grouping or accent it against a decoratvie box and lamp on the corner of a table. 


Faux succulents are a great alternative to live plants. Bring the outdoors in without all the routine maintence. Allowing you to have a more grounded space without the addtional stress.



5in" Height

5in" Width

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