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3 Couch Pillow Styling Tips - To Take the Guess Work Out Of Choosing Throw Pillows

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to enhance a rooms style and make your space feel more cozy. 🏡🥰💗

Choosing throw pillows can sometimes be a little overwhelming, and can end up costing you a couple hundred dollars if not approached strategically and skillfully. But fear not! You do not have to be a Pro to know the in's and out's of choosing throw pillows. Whether you are decorating your new couch or redoing your bedroom in your new apartment or guest bedroom in your home, use these 3 easy tips to guide your pillow styling, and you will end up with a "pro styled" pillowscape in no time!

Here at Snow's Shack we believe that the only thing holding us back from having one of those spaces pinned on Pinterest is ourselves! So we are here to create a community and share tips for all of us to use to STOP PINNING, and START DECORATING!

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When choosing pillows for your couch :

1. choose patterns that play off of existing decor elements

2. incorporate various sizes

3. pair 2 (3 max) different patterns with solid color pillows, to create a color palette that mimics the tone of the room

Pillows are a flexible, inexpensive home decor item that can swapped out to coordinate with different seasons or ever changing decor trends!





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