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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Adding More Earth Tones to Your Home Decorating

The Outdoors Is Calling, Time To Go! Since earth day we have been trying to incorporate more earth tones into our decor styling.

3 Reasons why you should be adding more earth tones to your home decorating;


1. Earth tones and textures can help a space’s energy feel more comforting and inviting.

2. Mimicking natures natural tones through out your decor is a great way to help ground a space and make it more alluring.

3. Earth tones help create a sense of outdoors which can help a space feel less tense and more laid back.


Earth bound colors create a naturally calm and relaxed atmosphere. Mimicking color tones of the outdoors can affect our emotional and mental health just as the great outdoors themselves do.

Decrease stress your home this season by adding in more shades of greens, blues, browns, tans, white & creams.

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