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5 Reasons To Incorporate More Rattan Styled Decor Into Your Home's Style

Rat a tat tat, RATTAN! 🌾🧺

If you haven’t heard of rattan before I’m sure by now you have.

-> Rattan is a naturally growing palm - vine like species that’s a sustainable material for crafting, building, furniture making, and other weaving purposes. <-

The trend first became popular in the hone decor sector in the 1960s the age of Golden Girls and Gilligan’s Island. But in 2019 this throw back trend made a grand reappearance this time in a more modern boho aesthetic.

•Rattan being a naturally grown resource, makes it a great sustainable material to craft decor accents & furniture from.

•It’s soft smooth feel and visible grains of the vine make it a subtle yet captivating surface, that can help enhance the overall aesthetic or ambiance of a room.

•Woven binding can add a pop of interest and character to a otherwise boring and dull space.

•Incorporating natural elements like rattan, sea grass, or reclaimed wood creates an earthy feel, adding life to an entire design and space.

•Rattan is naturally water and weather resistant. Making it a resilient decor item for outdoor spaces.

Throw back Thursday some rattan into your home decor and intertwine old school aesthetics with a modern twist.

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