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8 Easy Ways To Create and Achieve The Bohemian, Boho Decor Style

How To Create The Perfect Boho Oasis In Your Home

Bohemian or Boho style is a unique and harmonious mixture of natural world elements and a sensibly blended cultural aesthetic. This style has gained a lot of traction in the interior design world. Weather it be due to the fact people are wanting to be more in touch with their surroundings and share unique experiences, or if you simply are just drawn to the more ornate and decorative treasures here are our top tips for creating the perfect bohemian aesthetic in your home!


-> Incorporate the following characteristics to create your own bohemian styled space;

•Saturated colors & hues

•Multiple textures

•Warm ambient lighting

•rustic time worn accents

•comfortable, relaxed overstuffed furniture

•Natural world elements like stone, wood, earthy textures, and plants

•Layered patterns; varying in scale, shape, & style

•Bold dramatic color themes

•reclaimed, distressed, eclectic decor accessories

True boho style shys away from minimalism, and can sometimes feel too crowded or chaotic. For a modern bohemian style mix neutrals with bold accents & accessories. Create a natural and common base while adding in touches of bohemian decor to create a space that isn’t too overwhelming.


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