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Decorate Your Walls While Decluttering Your Space

Decorate your walls while decluttering your space, by choosing functional decor items like shelving.

Why include shelving in your home decor?

•further decorating opportunities

•a home for clutter

•increased organization

•saves on, and maximizes valuable floor space

•increased functionality, by having most used items within sight & reach

•multiple uses, Ex: if placed at the right height shelving can be used as a unique table or bar top.

•enhances small spaces

Reclaimed Wooden Rustic Wall Shelf
Reclaimed Wooden Rustic Wall Shelf

•increased storage

•adds visual interest by creating a natural horizontal plane for the eye to be drawn to.

•Make a smaller room feel larger by reducing the amount of occupied floor space.

•Shelves can fit in with virtually any decorative design, making them a sustainable and convenient decor item for any space.

•Add texture by using shelves made of unique materials like; reclaimed wood, iron, or woven sea grass.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 24, 2021

Love this!!! ❣️🏡

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