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Must Have Patio Essentials To Create A More Inviting Space

Have you ever dreamed of a backyard oasis that entices both yourself and guests? Look no further because in this post we break down the essential elements needed to create an oasis that mimics the vacation vibes we so long for.

With the warmer months fast approaching, we will begin to find ourselves outdoors more and more. and after the last year, I think we all have a new found appreciation for the place we call home. So why not extend that appreciation to the outdoors spaces and create a refuge away from the stresses associated with life?

Having a patio or outdoor space that is relaxing and inviting, provides another area for you, your family and friends to unwind and create lasting memories. Therefore, paying attention to these core elements will help steer your vision and goals in efforts to create a laid-back, stylish aesthetic that is sure to help reduce stress and foster genuine engagements.

Our go to elements for creating an outdoor space that is just as inviting as the rest of your home are:

this can be achieved by incorporating lanterns with L.E.D candles or real candles, because nothing is more alluring then the soft yellow glow of a candle behind the dusty glass of a rustic or boho styled lantern.

Another outdoor lighting option we love is string lights. String lights create a romantic airy ambience that is both relaxing as well as enduring.


-Comfortable seating to make you as well as guests want to kick their shoes off and stay awhile.

Comfortable seating is one of the most important elements of a great outdoor patio design. Outdoor and patio furniture nowadays is sometimes just as nice as indoor furniture. And for good reason there are so many benefits to spending time outdoors, so deciding to spend a little more effort into curating the perfect outdoor patio space will reap many positive benefits on both your mental and emotional health and well being.

When choosing patio furniture we recommend first and foremost measuring the given space you are working with. Knowing the dimensions will help you avoid buying pieces that are either too large or too small for the space. Second, decide what goals you want your patio to support. Will you be hosting game nights on the porch or having dinner parties with friends. Knowing what your goals and expectations are will guide your furniture purchases in a more productive and strategic way, to make sure that your patio fulfills all your backyard oasis dreams.

If you intend on hosting dinners then be sure to incorporate a large table to gather around. Or if your patio will serve more of a lounging area, then invest in comfy patio cushions, chairs or couches for seating.

another great seating option that is fairly new to the patio aesthetic are poufs. We have seen them incorporated within indoor decor more and more, and they are beginning to be made in durable outdoor materials. Making them a multi-purpose item that can be used as seating, a table, or foot rest.


-Space to Entertain to allow for memorable game nights and back porch memories with loved ones.

Having space to entertain is another core element of an inviting outdoor space or patio. Making sure to establish area goals and ensuring you do not overcrowd the space, are two things to take into account when creating an overall patio design. Placing larger pieces in a way that forms sort of a perimeter can help shape/designate an area for entertainment to take place.

Including pieces that are easily movable is another great option. Using center tables or Poufs that can be easily moved in the event of company can create style without taking up too much space.


-Foot Rests because everyone enjoys being able to kick their feet up when relaxing outside in the fresh air.

Foot rests are an often forgotten about item when it comes to outdoor living and patio decor. But that does not mean that they are not essential. normally when we find ourselves lounging on the patio or in an outdoor space, we are trying to relax and be in the moment. Adding in an outdoor pouf or foot stool can take your spaces relaxation and stress-free ambience to the next level.


-Storage to help keep a clutter free space and protect items from the weather and other outdoor elements.

Outdoor and patio storage is yet another way to help create a relaxing and inviting space. The patio can be one of the most alluring spaces of your home, but it still serves other outdoor living purposes. Therefore, providing a storage home for outdoor items like balls, hoses, gardening tools, etc. ; helps keep them out of sight and your space cluttered free.

Durable mixed material trays are a stylish option for outdoor storage that can be placed under or on top of tables, and home things like swimming goggles, sunscreen, lighters, and other miscellaneous outdoor items.


-Shade to keep a cool patio on those hot summer evenings, and to keep direct light out of eyes.

It doesn't matter how stylish your outdoor patio maybe, if it is infiltrated by direct sunlight and heat then your chances of relaxing are decreased substantially. Accessing the way the sun touches your outdoor space or patio (at multiple times during the day) gives you an idea of where and what kind of shade you need to incorporate. For some a large foldable patio umbrellas may work, or you can look into adding outdoor pergolas or extending existing roofing.

-Tables to keep food and drinks off the ground or laps of guests.

Including tables in your outdoor living or patio design is a must. No one likes having to sit food or drinks on the ground. Adding in tables gives a place for snacks and drinks to be homed as well as providing further decorating or storage opportunities.

Plants are extremely important to outdoor patio

designs and decorating. We like to think of plants as the wall decor or home accents of the outdoors. these little touches can help increase the calm serene vibes, while allowing the space to feel more approachable and comforting.

You can use faux succulents to create a rustic desert boho aesthetic, or ferns to lean more towards a traditional look. The plants you choose can be real or faux, just make sure when choosing faux plants that they are of durable plastic materials, as these seem to withstand weather and other outdoor conditions better than others.


-Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor living and patio rugs are a strong element of any patio design. They help anchor a space and can provide a softer floor underneath feet as opposed to cold and harsh concrete or stone. They also can help designate a certain space, similar to the way lining furniture can. Not to mention they help elevate the entire outdoor living space or patio by tying in all elements and making it feel more grounded and comfortable.


Include these elements in your next outdoor living or patio design and you are sure to create a space that feels just like your own vacation worthy oasis!


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