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Never Fail Wall DEcor Dos And Don'ts

Ever tried hanging wall decor, only to end up frustrated and left with a cluster of cute tiny holes in your wall? I am guilty of this. So, to stop leaving my signature holes around our house, we asked the experts for their never fail Do’s & Dont’s for wall decor.


Wall Decor Do's

-Hang decor at eye level, roughly 57-58in from the floor. For a group of items hang the center point at eye level.

-Choose pieces that are proportional to both the wall and space. Use smaller pieces for narrow, tighter areas. And larger pieces for more open large wall spaces.

-Plan your lay out of items before taking a hammer and nail to the wall. This will help you avoid the tiny hole problem we mentioned previously 😉

-Group multiple items together with about a hand’s width of space between them. This will help your pieces appear more cohesive and balanced with one another.

-Treat multiple items as one single unit. Again, using the center as a hanging point at eye level.

-When hanging wall decor above furniture make sure the item is at LEAST 1/2, ideally 2/3 the width of the piece. This will help further

emphasize & anchor both the wall decor and furniture.


Wall Decor Don'ts

-Do not overwhelm a wall with too many dramatic pieces. Instead do a mix of both eye catching and subtle items. This will help your space not feel too chaotic and overwhelming.

-Do not overcrowd a wall with too large, or too many items. Choose wall decor that is proportional to the wall space and sometimes less is more when it comes to larger pieces.

-Do not incorporate too many random objects, or else your home may end up looking like a T.G.I Fridays.

-Do not force balance & symmetry. If a piece is just not working move on to the next item. Chances are if it looks awkward and forced to you, then it will look that way to guests as well.

-Do not rush into purchasing wall decor unless you know for sure it fits your style and space. This will lead to wasted money, and more unnecessary holes in your walls.

This post contains affiliate links, that at no cost to you, we may earn a commission from. We only recommend products and services that we ourselves have found helpful and resourceful. Using affiliate links, we help support the growing needs of our family owned and operated small business, in efforts to provide our customers and readers the most engaging experience possible.

-Unless fine art is your hobby, do not feel like you must break the bank to have a beautifully decorated wall space. There is a ton of quality wall decor items out there that are also affordable. Check out places like Minted for an array of different styled art and prints, with several unique frame choices.

• We found these quick tips to be extremely helpful and resourceful when decorating the main walls of our home. It made shopping and choosing wall décor so much less stressful. I also have way less holes in my walls thanks to using these guidelines. We hope they help you as much as they helped us!

Use these tips and tricks to curate the best dressed wall in your home! If you found these helpful do not forget to subscribe to our email list and receive advice and tips sent directly to you! Link at the top, right-hand side of page!

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