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Quick & Easy Entryway Decorating Tips & Tricks

The entry way is our homes first impression! 🏡💗 let’s make it a good one 👌🏼


Use these quick tips to add style & functionality to your homes first impression!

1.Choose functional furniture to help maximize on space. Functional furniture is good to have in the entryway, as this is sometimes the first or last place we attend to before leaving the house. So, having a bench to sit down on to put shoes on or a table for storage are great options for entryway furniture.

2. Choose a durable rug. Rugs help ground a space and pull it all together. They also make a room feel more cozy and approachable, which is the perfect vibe for an entryway.

3. Incorporate lamps and other forms of table or standing lighting. Overhead lighting can sometimes feel overwhelming or give off a doctor's office feel. So choose table lamps to help make your entryway feel more homey.

4. Add in decorative accents that speak to you and best represent you and your families style. Decorative accents are a chance to add in personal touches to your homes decor that really reflect who you are. Be wary of adding too many though or else entryway could turn into an antique mall real fast. So be careful to not over do it.

5. We mention trays a lot here at Snow's Shack because we feel they are one of the easiest and functional decor items to incorporate. Trays can be stylish and functional by using them to house loose items that find their way into the entryway. Things like keys, smart phones, lipsticks, chargers, change all have a place now instead of getting lost or thrown onto the table.

6. Pops of greenery are another great entryway item. They help a rooms energy feel lighter and plants in decor have a multitude of benefits not only for decor. Being in the presence of plants creates a natural calming experience, which is another great vibe to incorporate into your entryway as this is the first impression guests receive of your home.

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