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Quick & Easy Go To Shelf Styling Tips To Keep In Mind

Go To Shelf Styling Tips


•Decorate For Function

•Do Not Overcrowd

•Choose Decor not Junk

•Choose a Shelf That Fits Your Space

1. Balance is a key element of shelf styling. Keep this in mind when choosing decor items. Remember a couple smaller pieces can balance a larger piece on opposing ends.

2. In high traffic areas incorporate decor accents with functional properties. Like a small tray or ceramic bowl. Shelf’s free up floor space and can be utilized for more storage if needed!

3. Less is more sometimes. Make sure to not overcrowd your shelf with decor accessories. Choose a few pieces that elevate the already existing style of the room, don’t try to start a whole new style on the shelf.

4. Choose decor accents that again elevate the already existing style. Don’t choose random objects for the sake of taking up space. Choose wisely and thoughtfully.

5. Make sure your shelving unit is the right fit for the space you are decorating. Too small of one can make a room feel awkward and skimpy, and too large can make a room feel stuffy and cramped.

Use these to help steer your next shelf decorating project!

&& Most of all have FUN decorating your shelf and use it as an opportunity to display your own personal style and personality.

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