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Quick & Easy Helpful Wall Decor Tips

Use these wall decor tips to help guide your decorating and end up with a perfect scaled and designed layout every time!

-Hang at eye level or roughly 57-58in above ground.

-If hanging over an object try to go with decor that’s at least 2/3rds the width of the piece it is hanging above.

-Space multiple pieces about a hands width apart, leaving a hands width between.

-Use functional decor items like shelving, wall hooks, or organizers for smaller areas to help maximize space.

-Measure, Measure, and Measure again. Measure your wall area before making any purchases. This will save you money and better guide your search for wall decor that best fits in your space.

-Make sure you are using the right hardware to hang your piece. Some frames are hung by a wire other wall decor accents have to be mounted with an anchor.

-In an office try to use bigger pieces to take up wall space instead of multiple little ones. Sometimes the presence of too many items can create tension and stress.

Use your walls to help support your daily work and life at home by using these tips to help steer your decorative decisions!

Head to our in depth wall decor post here, for a more wall decorating guidance! Don't forget to browse our wall accents to see if you can find something that fits your style!

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