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Top 6 Entryway Decor Must HAves & Items

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

An entryway is the first room of your house, that sets the pace for the rest of the experience to be had within your home. Decorating it in a way that is both stylish and functional does not have to be stressful. Here is a list of our top 6 entryway decor must have items to help create a space that best supports you and your families daily needs and lifestyle.


table and floor lamps add warmth and a cozy aesthetic to spaces, making them a staple decor item when creating a welcoming entry. They help balance the overhead direct lighting that’s often used within entryways. They also are great items to sue to help balance table decor, as seen in the picture above.


+Decorative accessories

Decorative accessories allow you to add a personal touch to spaces while adding the finishing touches that help bring the overall design together. Therefore, incorporating them within your entryway decor is a great way to display pieces of your and your families own style and personality. Shop Snows Shack Home accessories and accents here!


+Wall Decor

Wall decor is an important entryway decor item because it allows for another opportunity to tell your story, on the blank canvas of your home’s walls. It can also be a starting point to draw an entire design from as well as help anchor a space. These can be things like art, mirrors, canvases, wooden art, etc.

Some perfect wall decor items for the entryway are mirrors, large decorative art; like this embossed metal and wood States map, or coordinating objects; like these round feather mirror pieces.



Rugs are yet another crucial entryway just for several reasons. They can help balance and tie down a room, and provide a true landing space for those entering and exiting the entryway. Rugs also make a space feel more inviting and comforting.


+Furniture/Anchor Item

Having an anchor item is essential in any design space, but especially so in the entryway because this is the first room of the entire home. It sets the pace for the experienced to be had through the rest of the home. These are often furniture items like a table or one of our favorites a decorated bench. Both options are perfect for anchoring a space as well as providing both storage and function.

Entryway tables, benches, large art or mirrors, or even a rug are great pieces to consider when in need of an anchor item.



Storage is a must have in an entry for the amount of traffic that it receives daily. Adding storage to the entryway can help the room better support you and your families daily activities and lifestyle. It also provides organization for being a catch all storage option for things like keys, digital devices and more.

Decorative trays, baskets, bins, wall hooks, and cabinets are just a few storage items that we have seen work well in entryway spaces.


for even more help decorating your entryway be sure to check out our in depth guide here! And do not forget to subscribe to our email list to have decorating advice and tips sent directly to you!

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