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Tray Styling Tips To Help Guide Your Decorating

Use these tips to guide your tray decorating!

Styling a tray first and foremost should fit best with YOUR style and YOUR home’s needs. Don’t waste your time trying to decorate just for looks to end up having items turn into clutter.

Our go tips to guide our tray styling are:

1. Layer different materials to create texture within the tray space. Mixing materials can add interest and increase the impact of the decorative space.

2. Add in levels of height to create depth. Stray from the typical linear plane. Since you already have the horizontal aspect of the stray, think vertically and add in some height. Things like stacked books with a vase or decorative object, or dried stems in a planter.

3. Incorporate a decorative item that best displays your personality and home. Adding a personal touch makes the space cozier and more approachable.

4. Depending on the size of your tray stick to no more than 3-4 items. Try not to over crowd the tray or else it ends up just looking like a junk pile.

5. Also, depending on placement of your tray, try to incorporate functional items as well. If in the entryway throw a small bowl inside the tray to catch loose coins or keys. Or if in the living room use a shallow round bowl or plate to contain remotes.

6. Don’t forget about visual weight and balance. Just like when styling a table top or shelf be sure your tray is balanced in a way that displays the overall visual weight evenly and proportionally.

Use these tips to create a tray space that best supports YOU and YOUR home’s needs!

Follow us on Instagram @snowsshack , for more styling tips & tricks! Don't forget to browse our home accents to get started designing a creative catchall (aka tray) for your space! 🏡

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