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Use These Tips When Styling Home Accents To Decorate Like A Pro

Follow these tips when adding decorative accents to YOUR home’s decor, and turn your house into the Pinterest worthy home that it is! 🏡💕📌


Choosing decorative accents can be both fun and overwhelming. It can also burn a hole in your pocket if you don’t know what exactly your looking for.

Fear not! With a little planning and keeping these tips in mind you can SAVE MONEY & decorate YOUR home like a pro!

1. Stagger objects by height. Creating a visual triangle. Try to avoid the mountain range effect by place your largest item in the middle and stagger smaller objects around it.

2. Stick to odd numbers when choosing decor to help create better symmetry. This goes for when grouping items as well. Group things by 3’s, 5’s, 7’s etc. to create a more visually appealing setting.

3. When grouping items avoid choosing items of the same size and height. Too much of a similar size can turn home decor into to clutter real fast.

4. Keep your design composition in mind, making sure there is consistency in both color & style through out the setting, allowing objects to better relate to one another.

5. Chosen home accents should correlate and support existing colors in your room.

6. Alternate color and sizing through out your setting, making sure to balance out elements. Too much texture or color in one place will make the room feel heavy and disproportionate.


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