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Use This Top Tip When Choosing Home Accents & Accessories

When adding in the finishing home accents and accessories décor can become clutter real fast. Use this tip when deciding what accents you feel your space needs to be complete. This tip saved us money because we were able to go shopping with a more narrow focus of what we needed to decorate, instead of garbing everything we liked and "hoping" it looked good.

Style Tip: Choose accents of varying size, shape, texture, and colors to help add variance and interest.

Moody colors paired with wooden textures mimic a natural outdoor aesthetic.

With the addition of varying textures within a space, ones senses are instantly heightened and more attuned to their surroundings. Thus allowing for your space to make a deeper, longer lasting impression.

Find the tools and resources you need to bring your Pinterest Home boards to life. Browse our home accents & blog section.

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