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Your Guide on How To Start Decorating A Space


• Use these tips to turn your house into a “Pinterest worthy” home! •


1. First Establish Room Goals - this gives you a clearer picture of what needs to be done and can help save both time & money. Knowing what you need to buy and why, decreases buying items that you end up not using or replacing in a couple weeks.

2. Decide on Style or Mix of Styles - This trails off of #1. Knowing the style will help narrow your shopping and searching, allowing your decorative vision to come to life quicker and in a more cohesive (and affordable) manner. Choose a style that best reflects your own personality or goals for the space. Be true to who you are, and what YOU want out of this space, not what others or a magazine say you want.

3. Choose 3 Main Colors - Choosing 3 main colors can help you make design decisions more appropriately, and can help guide shopping for accents and furniture.

4. Determine a General Layout - Determining a general layout can help you again, save money and time effort when choosing big pieces like furniture. You would hate to fall in love with an expensive couch, get it home and it not work the way you want it to in your space. Having a general layout in mind can help you create a clearer decorative vision for the overall room.

5. Gather Foundational Pieces First - These are the core elements that make up a room. i.e couches, console table in the living room - bed, nightstands in the bedroom etc. *It’s easier to swap out accents as opposed to investment pieces like furniture. *

6. Add in Finishing Touches Last - Adding in home decor accents or finishing touches last will help pull the room and design together, while giving you an opportunity to really make the space reflect YOUR personality. There is a reason you always see Jo Anna Gains adding in home accents last. These pieces help elevate the space and really bring it to life. By adding them in last you are ensuring you are choosing pieces that actually go with the room and not just adding in junk. As mentioned before, too many home accents can make a room feel like an antique mall really quick.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 20, 2021

Love this! I pin way to much and need to start updating my house instead! ❤️🏡

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