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Hello Gorgeous

Well, Spring is here and looks like we can't clean enough! With the Covid-19 pandemic not going away anytime soon it seems, we are all going stir crazy in the year of Social Distancing! This months blog is going to be about finding ourselves again with some in-home-therapy. To run off the heels of the month of March, we will continue with a small cleaning project! Here is a link to a short video from one of my favorite bloggers I follow!

Hello Gorgeous by Angela Lanter

Angela Lanter's news letters and blogs continue to inspire me weekly! Her 15 minute Instant Cleaning Motivation will get you started and out of that chair you have been holding down in a flash! She is an awesome one to follow!

This is a great time to reflect on some things you use to do before all the hustle and bustle! Planting those fresh flowers with your own inspired gardening ideas can be both emotionally and physically healing! By replacing dead old neglected landscape can make you feel so refreshed and might start a neighborhood, friendly war, on who can be the "all star" yard of the year!


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