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2022 Color Trend: Green ~ And What Other Tones Compliment It

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Why Green? We saw it coming! The need for a surprising new neutral in Color Trends for 2022! How Green and other soothing Neutrals are perfect design burst for this year!

Designers can all agree for the year 2022 Green is officially the new neutral. At Snow's Shack we know the importance of providing the options and flexibilities to our customers to stay up to date with their house and home! You will see how to bring the outdoors in to provide the style and type of spaces needed, keeping both functionality and coziness, especially now with people staying at home more.

We can show you how to update spaces without having to do an entire makeover!

Tip #1 - Choose your mood

Decide, not on what everyone else is doing, but instead, what mood are YOU! Big and bold, or small and dynamic, using a green neutral will mix well with any of the other earthy neutrals in your home. Providing a calming, soothing and cozy place to work, play or relax! Choose your space and go! Try all shades and don't be afraid to mix.

Tip #2 - Big or Small

Depending on your budget, you can start small with accent touches. Incorporate solids, textures, prints and more by pairing various designs. Try by adding a throw pillow, vase, a textured throw, accent trays, etc. If you have a room with natural lighting, try even adding a darker shade of green. Emerald is making a bold splash in 2022. With rooms with less natural lighting add a variety of greens mixing in various hues. For example, try sage, a fern, or avocado. They mix well with the winter whites and earthy tones.

No one can make you as happy as you can. Prioritize things that spark joy today! - unknown author

Tip #3 - Make it personal

I for one, love to utilize accent trays that can be used for everyday decor or even special occasions to serve up some conversation treats! Our Organic, natural wood hand carved leaf platters have 2022's trending green and help bring outdoors in. These handmade table centerpiece enamel wash leaf platters are designed with carved greenwood. Considered both form and utility when serving coffee, tea, and snacks. It would look great as a dining table or coffee table centerpiece.

Ideal for putting fruits, bread, nuts, and sweets and display them in the kitchen, dining area, or workplace.

Tip #4 - Mix it up

It is easier to mix it up a little and be more daring by pairing small elements. Don't worry about exact matches. Layering a palette will help create a more daring pop! While you don't have to do the entire space in greens you can add this pop in a statement piece, for example, a couch, chair or ottoman! Let's not forget about botanicals either! We are especially seeing this hue in succulents incorporated into design spaces! It can inspire a strong pinch of nature.

Tip #5 - Finish strong

Lastly, play around with your ideas! Keep in mind, we have seen neutrals taking the stage in the last few years, with earthy tones providing a fresh start. With the chaos over the last two years people are searching for natural, keeping it soothing and cozy. We are all in need of a rejuvenation and a sense of healing. That is what we are seeing in 2022 is a shift towards nature and colors found in nature. You can learn more about Snow's Shack and all our home designs and products at and remember There's Snow Place Like Home.

Your Style, Your Way

No matter what your style is, we have you covered. We have based our business and design platform on what our customers need to keep their home up to date and a place they want to live life no matter what life has in store! We pride ourselves, our designs and our products on an organic, reclaimed, recycled and repurposed platforms; keeping small villages, family owned and small businesses in our hearts! SHOP NOW at and remember There's Snow Place Like Home.

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