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Locally and Sustainably Sourced

People are being aware of their environmental impact and where their products come from, therefore, a big trend for 2022 is sustainability and consciously made decor, accessories, and furniture. Everyone is looking into not just into where it is made, but the materials they are made from and how far did it have to travel.

With the start of the pandemic in 2020 and then easing back into the beginning of normalcy in 2021, our homes have remained the center of our existence for many of us. The pandemic gave each of us a chance to reflect on who we are, how we live and what is really important to each of us. We all searched for, and desired, comfort and stability in a world of chaos and uncertainty. With this, our homes became our "safe place". Our homes had to become our place of nourishment and inspiration for our minds and souls.

This can be expressed in so many different ways in each of us and trends will reflect this in not just styles, but also in colors, materials and more!


Nature is well known for its physiological and psychological benefits.

Elevate your homes atmosphere and style by incorporating decor that mimics the natural tones and textures of earth. Natural earthy tones and textures help a space feel less tense and stressed. Trends for 2022 we are seeing designs bringing the outdoors into your home through natural materials, colors, and—of course—plants.

This rustic and unique Found Decorative Wood Trug is the perfect way to make a subtle statement in any room. The natural grain and veins of the found wood create an alluring outdoorsy setting sure to ground and relax any space.

Found Wood, Recycled Glass, Reclaimed materials, Organic

With the need to improve our relationship with our homes, comes the need to revise how and what we decorate with!

There are so many options around the world that not only provide sustainability and consciously made decor, accessories, and furniture but also, create and support smaller family-owned businesses and even small villages. Creating work to help reduce carbon footprint and utilize these resources are great ways to not only improve our relationship with our homes but additionally outfit our home with unique, found, reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, organic decor that is trending.

Our designers search for the best quality of sustainable consciously made decor, accessories, and furniture. For example, our handblown glassware made by the small glass factory we found on the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia.

Trending colors and wood textures to bring nature into our homes are all about sustainable and consciously made. Try a pop of wood for shelving or wall hooks.

The aged wood with the raw grain appearance gives these shelfs a feeling of nostalgia, wrapped in a story woven aesthetic. This rustic piece can help declutter your home while also adding character and interest to your walls. Allow your walls to be a blank canvas and add in touches of your personality by using this shelf to display eclectic items that speak to you and your lifestyle.

Take your first steps to rebuilding your relationship with your home!

Snow's Shack Is a 3 Generation, Family, & Woman Owned Business.

We offer on trend, unique, and stylish home decor and accents, inspiring all interior designs.

Most of our inventory is LIMITED ~ meaning only one or a few of each.

We pride most of our lines on organic, repurposed, uniqueness, supporting other small family-owned businesses including small villages around the World. Our designers take the time to find unique and one-of-a-kind designs for our collections from all over the World. By creating LIMITED AVAILABLITY on specialty products we are able provide special designs to each of our customers, so their homes and offices stand out among others.

We are very proud to promote that our designs are always a step ahead of the larger retailers providing our customers the most up to date designs for a one-on-one personal experience!

Our goals are to bring you quality products and provide genuine customer service and insight. while helping you create a space that best tells your story.

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