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Tips for how to Style Lanterns in your space

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

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Lanterns have established themselves as one of the most versatile and functionable décor items. The myriad of shapes, sizes, and materials they come in make them an easy piece to incorporate within any interior design. Lanterns are a great item to use to add both height and style to any space. Their versatility leaves the door of decorative possibilities open wide.

When styling a lantern there are a couple things to take into consideration to help guide your inspiration. These are size, material the lantern is made of, Filling, lantern placement, and overall style of the lantern itself. We gathered some of our most tried and true tips to hopefully assist you in helping your space meet your envisioned design goals.



Size is important when choosing any décor item. And especially important when choosing the right lantern to fit your space. Too small of one and the space can appear empty and unfinished. Too large of one and the space can feel crowded and overwhelmed. Note the dimensions of your lantern and ensure that its size is appropriate for where you are thinking of placing it.



Placement is probably one of the, if not THE, most important aspect of lantern styling. The first rule of lantern placement is deciding what you intend to use the lantern for. Is it going indoors or outdoors, do you want it to hold things, is it going to be a stand-alone item or is it going to be apart of a bigger compilation, like a part of a center piece? Placing lanterns outside is a great way to add ambiance to a patio and placing large lanterns on the floor inside, is a great way to create a warm and inviting entry way. Placement is so important because it affects the other concepts of styling. If using outside, other materials such as metal may be better to withstand weather. If placing inside on the floor size is imperative. Small lanterns can appear out of place; hence we recommend not skimping on size when choosing to style a lantern on the floor.


Material lantern is made of:

As mentioned, lanterns come in an array of shapes sizes and mediums nowadays. With the many available options, you are bound to find one lantern that fits into your styled space perfectly. Most lanterns are made from a mix of wood and metal. Making them a perfect mixed medium piece, to use to help introduce more texture into your area.

Gold metal lantern home decor, modern lantern, lantern decor

Material is also important to consider as it can help elevate your style vision or provide the space with a different feel. For example, if your style is more modern, choose lanterns made of metal or iron materials like our Graceful Living Gold Lanterns. Or if your style is more laid back opt for a lantern that presents more wooden features, as the presence of wood provides a more rustic ambiance.

Does your style fall somewhere in-between? Look for a lantern that entertains both design styles like our Rustic Metal and glass holders.


overall Style of lantern:

Lanterns can help boost the overall styled impression of a space or steer the aim in a different direction entirely.

Wooden lantern, Metal and wood lantern, large and small lantern style, lantern home decor

As mentioned in the materials section metal and iron are better mediums to look for if trying to achieve a more modern feel.

While wood and glass can help create a cozier rustic vibe. So, bear in mind the overall aesthetic of the lantern before choosing to incorporate it in your designed space.


What To fill lanterns with:

Filling a lantern is where you can let your imagination run wild. This is another reason why lanterns are such a versatile and functionable décor item. You can choose to fill the lantern with almost anything you want. You can opt for a more traditional filler and use candles, flowers, plants, or my new favorite succulents. Or you can get creative and add in other décor items like these decorative balls

metal decorative object, metal ball decor, decorative object home decor

or use seasonal décor. Seasonal décor is one of our personal favorites. We like to style lanterns with pumpkins during the fall, Christmas ball ornaments or pinecones during the winter, and colorful Easter eggs during the spring.

A lantern can also add a more sentimental element to a space. By adding in different mementos and keepsakes like, movie ticket stubs, flyers, cards, small souvenirs from past trips, and other sweet reminders. This homemade “time capsule” is a sweet idea to make a space feel more personal and genuine.


So keep in mind when decorating with lanterns;

the Size, material, placement, filling, and overall style.

Creating your dream space does not have to be stressful for you or your budget. Consider introducing or repurposing a lantern you already have, to stimulate even more design opportunities.

If you are like me and could use some inspiration, head to our shop tab and browse our new spring items and lanterns.

We found it easier to style and add functionality to our space by keeping in mind these mentioned tips.

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