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The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Décor and How to Actually Decorate Your Bathroom

Did you know the average person spends nearly 30-60 minutes a day in the bathroom within their home? That totals out to a near lengthy 420 minutes a week.

Ultimate Guide To Bathroom Decor And How to Decorate Your Bathroom greenery, white towles, airy clean
Ultimate Guide To Bathroom Decor And How to Decorate Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in your home. It is usually the first room you see when you wake up and the last room you see before going to sleep. Therefore, the impression it gives off in the morning and the one it leaves us with before bed, should be inviting, comforting, and relaxing. Though not often thought, your bathroom does not have to be decorated with just towels and toiletries. Bathroom décor can be stylish, functionable, and bring a whole new refreshed personality to a space where we spend a good portion of our time, even though we do not often like to admit it. We start our days here and we end our days here, so your bathroom décor should cater to you and your family’s needs, comfort, and overall goals for the space. Do you want to create a tranquil, spa like atmosphere, or do you need a space that supports your busy on the go lifestyle?

Defining what your goals and expectations are for your bathroom, will help you choose and incorporate bathroom décor that is both functionable and stylish.

When designing and decorating utility spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, etc. One of our main goals is to decorate with functionality in mind. These spaces are areas that support daily life activities, with appliances and fixtures that serve purposes and have operative characteristics. So, when choosing bathroom décor, it is always best to first determine what purposes and goals you want your bathroom to sustain. This is important because it impacts all further bathroom décor decisions and plans. The main aspects of décor when it comes to decorating your bathroom are;

rugs, towels, shower curtain if applicable, wall décor, storage-organization, back of toilet area, necessities like toiletries, and mirrors.

In this article we will touch on all these areas, providing insight and inspiration to help guide your design vision and help your bathroom better support your life and goals. Using these tips, we were able to redesign and refresh our master bath. Creating a space that we looked forward to stepping into in the morning, as opposed to stumbling in with eyes half closed on our way to the closet. With that being said, we hope that this article can give you motivation to explore the different types of home décor, and make your bathroom a space that you also, look forward to stepping into in the morning.


Bathroom Rugs

Rugs pull some heavy weight in the overall design and décor plan of a room, and this is even more true when it comes to bathroom rugs. Bathroom rugs are an essential element to any strong decorative design. Rugs in the bathroom support one especially important notion, and that is safety first. Often, we either throw a towel down or have a rug to step out of the shower or bath on to. So, when choosing a rug safety should be the first aspect taken into consideration. Ensure that the rug will not slip when stepped on and consider using rug tape to keep edges down to avoid tripping hazards. Aside from safety, the other key elements to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom rug is size, thickness, color, material it is made of, and durability.

  • Measure your bathroom to ensure you get the correct size rug for your bathroom décor and space -To begin the task of choosing a rug for your bathroom a great place to start is measuring your bathroom floor space. This will help guide you in your search, as choosing a rug that is too small can look out of place and presents safety concerns. If a rug is too small, it is less likely to soak up any drips and or puddles of water that make it out of the shower and bath with us whenever we step out. This increases the chance of falls and slips, as I can attest to this firsthand with the scar that is on my knee. Just the same, choosing too large of a rug presents issues as well. If a rug is too large it runs the risk of not fitting under or with bathroom fixtures well and can present tripping hazards.

  • Next to consider is the thickness of your rug – An often-forgotten aspect of choosing rugs is thickness. Too thick of a rug and you run the problem of again having it not fit well with existing fixtures, as well as the pesky door problem. Ever walked into a bathroom, tried to close the door, and either must put extensive amount of effort into doing so or found out you’re taking the whole rug with as you’re pushing the door closed? Too thick of a rug and depending on placement, you run the problem of having it get caught under the door making it difficult for guests and yourself to close the door without disrupting your bathroom décor and or damaging the rug and door. Too thin of a rug and you may as well just throw a dish towel on the floor and stand on that. Thin rugs (depending on material) often do not soak up or retain water well, so just like with choosing too small of a rug, too thin of one creates safety hazards like slipping as well. Not to mention, who would like to step out of the shower, cold and wet, and stand on a soaked through towel while drying off?

  • Now for material and durability – Thickness, material, and durability all sort of can be lumped into one, but we chose to separate thickness from the trio because there are some thin rugs, made from the right material, that also work great in bathrooms. Therefore, we feel considering each of these elements separately when choosing a rug to go with your bathroom décor is more productive. Absorbency and drying time are two valuable things to look for when deciding on what rug to place in your bathroom.

Lately jute/sisal rugs have made more of an appearance in decorative spaces, but this does not make them the best option for your bathroom. Jute/sisal are not typically suited for high humidity areas, as they can retain moisture overtime leading to mold and mildew. Wool being an exceptionally durable rug choice for high traffic areas, naturally repels water, but is not very absorbent, meaning that continued exposure to humidity and damp conditions will also lead to mold and mildew. Cotton being a common choice used to make rugs, has a high absorbency rate but due to this also takes much longer to dry out, making them less of a contender. As this rug is almost guaranteed to encounter moisture daily.

  • Olefin, also known as polypropylene, is a synthetic fiber that looks like wool. This type of material is durable and is often used in areas that endure intensive moisture, i.e bathrooms or in outdoor spaces. Olefin/polypropylene is a moisture resistant fiber that repels both water as well as mold and mildew. Due to its high moisture repellent properties these rugs also are highly stain resistant. The fibers have to be dyed during the production process, meaning that even a chemical as potent as bleach has an extremely difficult time penetrating the colors.

Polyester is another popular fiber used to make rugs and can be a good choice for the bathroom. Although it doesn’t absorb water well, because of this it fights off stains and spills with ease. So this type of rug may better be suited for an area under the sink, as opposed to directly near the bath or shower where it would encounter increased amounts of moisture. Chenille is a great option for bathrooms as it is extremely durable and comes in an array of versatile types like microfiber. Head to Carpet Captain for more in depth advice and insight into the different types of rug materials!

  • And lastly color choiceColor choice is an important aspect of choosing a rug as it can either support or diminish your overall bathroom decorating goals. When choosing a color try to think of the overall ambiance or style you are trying to create in your bathroom. Are you wanting a spa like atmosphere or are you trying to simply coordinate your bathroom décor with the overall aesthetic of your home or master bedroom? Another tip is when choosing patterns often smaller rugs display patterns in more subtle yet appealing way. Large pattern rugs in a often smaller space like a bathroom can appear overwhelming and over take the other aspects of your bathroom design.


Bathroom Towels

Bathroom towels are not normally thought of when you begin to decide how you want to decorate your bathroom. But this small consideration can help lead your design, as well as make your overall bathroom experience more enjoyable. When deciding what type of towels to use in your bathroom décor, first decide what type of towels you want. Do you want a softer plush feel, or a fast drying and durable towel that will withstand both your young children and the dirty dog from time to time? If you are showering often, say two times a day, you are going to want a towel that is fast drying, so whenever you go to take your shower in the evening your towel is not still damp from the morning shower. Just like rugs there is an array of different types of materials towels come in, so choosing a towel that best supports your needs and showering habits is a good place to start when trying to decide on towels that help elevate your bathroom décor.

Cotton is a favorited material for towels, for its absorbent and soft to touch characteristics. Premium cotton brands like Pima, Egyptian, and Turkish cotton are soft luxury options that rank high in absorbency. With that being said, due to the softness, and fibers that only become softer and fluffier with each wash, some report that they feel these types of towels do not dry them off as well as other fabrics. They also have a higher drying time, where you may run into the problem of a damp towel if showering frequently. This again is why it is best to find bathroom towels that work best with your and your family’s life habits.

One of our favorite bathroom towel materials is bamboo. Not only is it a more environmentally friendly option, but bamboo is super absorbent and dries quickly. Bamboo is also highly resistant to germs, like mold and mildew making it a more sanitary than other fabrics. With this being said, bamboo towels are often not very thick, so if you are looking for a plush like feel then you are better off opting for one of the more premium cotton blends.

Something else to note when choosing bathroom towels to help accentuate your bathroom décor is the GSM. GSM stands for grams per square inch, this is sort of like the towels thread count. The higher the GSM, the more absorbent, soft and expensive the towel is. Normally lower GSM towels are perfect for beach/pool towels, or kitchen towels due to their quick drying capabilities. When searching for towels a general GSM to look for is between 500-920. But bear in mind that choosing towels that are the best fit for your bathroom and life are the best ones to go with.

Brooklinen is one of our favorite places to shop for towels. They use long-Turkish cotton woven in a z-twist, as opposed to the standard s twist, guaranteeing both softness and durability. Because they are using high quality cotton, they are able to make their towels with single ply yarn making them long lasting while still maintaining a high quality of softness. Use of the z-twist means a tighter yarn style, leading to less pulled treads and pilling, extending the life of the towel. Brooklinen’s towels range from 320, 550, and 820 GSM, giving several options for you to be able to find a towel that best suits your softness preferability.


Your Shower Curtain is Part of Your Bathroom Décor Too

Think of your shower curtain as one big painting or focal point of your bathroom décor. Incorporating a shower curtain in your bathroom, if applicable, like rugs, plays a huge role in the overall design theme of your bathroom. There are a couple aspects that tailor into the overall decision of what shower curtain fits best in your décor and bathroom. Material, color, size, and if you are using a liner are the most impactful.

  • Material of a shower curtain is important because you want to choose a material that not only works well under high humidity conditions but is also durable since it will be encountering moisture often. Plastic and vinyl are a couple go to options for affordability and durability, but they also give off a cheaper appeal. This is where choosing to use a liner is a great option if you are looking to achieve a more put together and luxurious setting. We often use a liner behind a cotton or fabric blend curtain that matches well with the color scheme of the bathroom. This allows for the shower curtain to be utilized as a decorative statement as well as prevent water and messes from making their way around the bathroom.

  • Color is the next aspect to consider when choosing a shower curtain. As I previously mentioned, a shower curtain can often be looked at as a larger focal point of your bathroom décor, therefore this should be kept in mind when choosing a shower curtain. If you want to go with a pattern for your curtain, then opt for more neutral less busy items for other décor in the bathroom to make sure the space does not end up feeling cramped and too busy. If you would like to devote more to your decorative smaller pieces than choose a solid color that matches your overall color scheme or a pattern that is not too overwhelming and can be balanced out with other décor aspects.

  • And lastly to consider is size. Getting too small or too large of a shower curtain can make your showering experience cold and tedious. Too large of a shower curtain and the sides will not meet up well with the side of the shower, allowing more air to get into the shower and make for a cold rinse off. And too small of a shower curtain can lead to the same issues as well as increase the amount of water that makes it way out of the shower. This not only makes for more messes but can pose a safety risk when getting out of the shower and potentially slipping. The best way to find the right size that fits your tub and shower is to measure the distance from your rod to the floor and give lee way to a couple inches. Just like normal window curtains, you do not want your shower curtain to lay on the ground, but instead hit a couple inches above. Do the same for the width of the shower/tub and choosing a curtain that is a couple inches wider to ensure both sides are covered and will keep water inside.


Bathroom Wall Décor

Bathroom wall décor does not have to be a challenging task. This is an opportunity for you to really showcase your personality and style in a space that can always use a little refreshment and excitement. There really is no rule to choosing bathroom wall décor, other than making sure you are choosing items that can withstand the humid conditions they will frequently encounter. Bathrooms often have small and irregular sized wall spaces to work with, so going with items that work well with the layout is a good rule of thumb.

One of our favorite pieces to utilize as wall décor within our bathroom is shelving. Not only is this functionable but it can also give another opportunity to incorporate more items that uplift the spaces overall decorative theme. You can add in objects and items that coincide with your vision while also adding a more personal touch. When placing items on shelving try to gravitate toward odd numbers of grouping, as this is more appealing to the eye than that of evenly grouped items. If you do not want to collect items or worry the space will seem crowded using large pieces is a go to option to help decrease clutter and take up bigger areas of wall.

If choosing wall hangings, again, make sure that they are constructed of materials that can withstand high humidity and moisture. This will decrease the chance of you having to worry about replacing them in a couple of months. Choose items that not only coincide with your decorative theme and color scheme, but also speak to your personality. There is nothing wrong with printing a canvas of your favorite motivational quote and incorporating it within your bathroom wall décor. Seeing this everyday could boost your drive and motivation, as having a daily reminder there in front of you can help keep your goals fresh in your mind and on your radar.

Want to liven up your bathroom walls but are having trouble deciding on what art or wall hangings to go with? Or simply lack the time and motivation to devote to finding the best fitting pieces? Use wallpaper on an accent wall and call it a day. Nowadays they have so many different colors and patterns of wallpaper as well as wallpaper mediums, that you can choose from. Choosing to wallpaper one wall can help decrease the clutter of decorative objects and enhance the overall style and feel of the bathroom without the extra effort of hanging shelving or art. Another idea for wall décor is hanging planters, like our Embossed White and Terracotta Hanging Planters, this frees up wall space and can help add dimension to the décor of the room. Incorporating greenery into any setting helps lighten the tone and create a more sincere and calm environment.


Storage and Organization

Storage and organization are an important aspect of any design space, especially one that provides functionality for daily activities. Choosing to decorate your bathroom with these two concepts in mind will not only yield a more cohesive decorative design but also help your bathroom better sustain your family’s needs and goals. We spoke about utilizing shelving for wall décor, but you can also use this to provide more storage and organization for your bathroom as well. Use shelfs to home most used items like Q-tips, cotton balls, creams/makeup, or even toiletry items like restock toilet paper or feminine products. You can use rustic jars or wired baskets to house these items, allowing for them to be more easily accessible when running late or in a bind. This also prevents guests from having to search through cabinets for needed items when they are staying with you.

You do not need shelving to have increased organization within your bathroom decor. You can utilize rustic jars, or acrylic turn tables on counter tops to increase functionality and make better use of counter space. Another fun option is to use found objects to hold or house items that are used often. Trays are one of our favorite decorating items to use within a space because of their versatility and myriad of design opportunities they offer. Use trays to group items like perfumes or skincare in one area, while having them displayed within easy to reach places. Or use trays on top of toilet lids to have restock toilet paper and other items in view and more easily accessible in times of need. Incorporating pieces with personality and style help make the space feel less dull while still providing structure. For smaller spaces try to use décor that also has a purpose, like these decorative wall hooks.

Adding these brings a stylish touch while also providing a place to hang your towel, freeing up space for other items in the bathroom. Storage and organization are important things to hold of value within in a space you interact with every day. And though these concepts may seem monotonous and repetitive, choosing to devote efforts to them can help your bathroom better support your life and daily activities.


Bathroom Décor Ideas for The Toilet Lid

The area on top of or behind the lid of the toilet, is not normally an area that people first think of when it comes to decorating their homes and bathrooms. But this forgotten space can be utilized to pull decorative themes together as well as provide further storage and organization options, which can be extremely beneficial if already dealing with limited storage in a small space. When choosing items to decorate this space with we generally like to go with things that can be easily removed in the event you or a plumber need to reach the tank parts. A simple pop of greenery in a planter that’s size fits well within the sides of the lid is a great option to start with. This provides a breath of fresh air and can create a light and airy setting.

We also like to use trays, (shocker, there right? Ha) and keep toiletries stocked in them for easy reach. To make the tray feel less like a storage container for toilet paper, feminine products, and other random bathroom necessities, we often like to throw in a small book or other decorative object. This could be anything from a book of affirmations to something similar to these metal balls or glass votives.

We do not recommend placing anything too fancy or expensive here as it runs the risk of getting dirty or falling off.

Keeping this area less busy is also recommended. With the space being small to begin with choosing items that are not overpowering are better options to go with to ensure the room bathroom decor design does not feel off balanced. Keeping this area simple does not limit the options that are possible for decorating this space. Smaller objects that are cohesive with your design can be used to add a touch of your own creative personality. You can also avoid the direct space on the toilet and hang shelving or art. This will draw the eyes attention to the wall space instead of the toilet tank lid.


Displaying Necessities

What are typical items that come to mind when you think of your bathroom? Toilet paper, soap, Q-tips, toothbrushes, creams, you know the necessities? As we mentioned we find it helpful to have items we use daily or most often displayed in view. This makes it easier to jump out of bed and get ready when running late. Incorporating these items into your bathroom décor makes them more accessible and allows for a functionable option when you are stumped trying to decide what exactly to use as décor in the bathroom to begin with. Use our glass votives to hold Q-tips or home loose bobby pins, or our Mercury style candle holders to display your most used lipstick and lip glosses, or hold hair or makeup brushes.

Mentioned previously, we also like to use trays to group items and display them on counters. This creates a more organized setting while providing an accessible home for items that you reach for continuously. This mango wood tray is a great option for the bathroom because its durability against water, which allows its internal structure to repel moisture. We think that in guest bathrooms especially its good to have basic toiletries out in the open, so they do not have to go searching through cabinets or drawers.



Mirrors are another aspect of bathroom décor that holds high importance as they can balance can entire space. Most bathrooms come with the flat piece of mirror that

Beautiful Airy Bathroom Decor Round Mirror greenery vanity gold accents
Beautiful Airy Bathroom Decor Round Mirror

does not have decorative edging. This is an easy fix and can help create a theme within your bathroom décor. Typically, when choosing a mirror for your bathroom it is best to go with a mirror that does not overlap the sides of your vanity. Going with one that is either the exact width or a couple inches smaller than the width of the vanity, is a good approach because it will help make your room appear more balanced and cohesive.

A couple other aspects to consider when looking for mirrors is the shape and edging. Circular mirrors have become an exceedingly popular option. They help add a touch of style as well as soften and break up the boxy layout of bathrooms. One of our favorites is this thick edge beveled wood mirror. It radiates a rustic earthy feel with its grained wood and dark tones.

A more rectangular mirror offers a more traditional appeal and can often allow for a larger visible area than round mirrors, depending on size. If chosen appropriately the mirror can be a statement décor piece by itself, which can alleviate some of the stress of other bathroom decor decisions such as wall décor.

If you are going with a more decorative mirror toning down the wall décor and opting for a simpler display will help not make the space, feel small and cramped. Lastly something to keep in mind is the type of edging your mirror will have. Do you want a frame like edge that creates a cozier ambience or one with a flat edge to help highlight the modern aspects of your home and style? Edging can help emphasize the theme of your bathroom and tie in décor elements of the overall design.


The décor of your bathroom should be fun, inviting and help add positivity to your life, as well alleviate stress and add functionality to a room we spend a large amount of our time. Even though we do not think of decorating our bathroom as that high of a design project, we should reconsider this space and the impacts a well designed and decorated bathroom can have within our lives. We hope that after having read this article you feel more confident in your efforts to decorate your bathroom in a way that adds productivity, style, and works best with you and your family’s needs.

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